Locally grown, hand-crafted Hawaiian coffee.


What's special about Kai Coffee?

Have you ever gone into a cafe or restaurant and the people working there look to have no purpose, knowledge or passion for the products they represent? It's our daily mission to ensure that doesn't happen when you visit us. We truly believe in serving Aloha In Every Cup.


The Total Café Experience

With passion for the industry and years of expertise, Kai Coffee's owner Sam set out to create a new brand and standard for the café experience: speedy service with unparalleled product quality and Hawaiiana ambiance.


Hand-Crafted Aloha In Every Cup™

Our expert baristas brew each shot and pour every drink by hand and heart, so you can enjoy the perfect cup of Kai Coffee and our exclusive signature blends, using some of the finest coffee beans in the world grown right here in Hawaii.


Only the Best

We believe in excellence. When you blend our passion with unrivaled know-how, speedy service, a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere and delicious Hawaiian coffee, you get the Total Café Experience: Aloha In Every Cup.

Visit us

Waikiki Location
2424 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Waikiki

Open 7 days a week, 5:30AM - 11PM

New Downtown Café & Bakery

Downtown Café, Bakery & Lunch Location
207 S King St, Suite R-2
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Corner of S King & Alakea

M-F, Open at 6AM

Take a look inside!

Our Coffee


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Kai Coffee Hawaii 100% Hawaiian coffee locally brewed and roasted - our beans and merchandise - Total Café Experience can now be yours.

Kai Coffee Hawaii, Kai Coffee Espresso Blend coffee beans, Kai Espresso Blend, Aloha In Every Cup™
Kai Espresso Blend
$ 15.95
Kai Coffee Hawaii, Kai Coffee House Blend coffee beans, Kai House Blend, Aloha In Every Cup™
Kai House Blend
$ 20.95
Kai Coffee Hawaii, Ka'u coffee, Hawaiian coffee, 100% Kau coffee
Ka'u Coffee Beans
$ 28.95
Kai Coffee Hawaii, Kona Extra Fancy coffee beans, Kai Coffee Kona Extra Fancy, Aloha In Every Cup™
Kona Extra Fancy
$ 31.95
Kai Coffee Hawaii, Kona Peaberry coffee beans, Kai Coffee Kona Peaberry, Aloha In Every Cup™
Kona Peaberry
$ 34.95
Kai Coffee Hawaii, Kai Coffee Hawaii pour over brew, Aloha In Every Cup™
Kai Coffee Hawaii Gift Card
$ 10.00
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