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Experience the finest coffee, handcrafted with the Aloha spirit in every cup.

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Experience Aloha In Every Cup®

Savor the unique flavor of Hawaii in every sip. Our expert baristas pour heart and hand into creating the perfect brew, every time, using the finest coffee beans grown right here on our Hawaiian islands. Whether you choose one of our exclusive signature blends or a classic espresso-based drink, prepare for an unforgettable experience.

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Our Mission: Serving You The Best

At Kai Coffee Hawaii®, our daily mission is to ensure that each customer gets a fantastic product in a timely and friendly manner. We believe in serving more than just coffee. We serve Aloha In Every Cup®. Discover the warmth of our Ohana and the unique Hawaiiana ambiance we've crafted, just for you.

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A New Standard for Cafés

Step into our cafés, where speedy service meets unparalleled product quality. Here, our founder Sam Suiter's passion for the industry and years of expertise come alive, offering you the total café experience full of the Aloha spirit.

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Only the Finest Beans

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Experience the rich taste of beans nurtured in the abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil of Hawaii, ethically sourced from fair-trade farms.
Our commitment to excellence reflects in every cup of coffee we serve.

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Sustainable Choices, Genuine Care

Our love for the ocean is reflected both in our name, Kai, and our commitment to sustainability. Long before it was mandated, we chose to use biodegradable products and source ethically. Enjoy your coffee, knowing that you're making an environmentally friendly choice.

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Join Our Ohana

We believe in making each customer feel valued and important. At Kai Coffee Hawaii®, you're not just a customer - you're Ohana. Visit one of our cafés and experience our culture that values quality, authenticity, Aloha, and respect for the land.

Aloha In Every Cup®

What It Means To Us, What You Mean To Us

Central to our ethos is our brand promise - Aloha In Every Cup®. Aloha is more than just a word to us, it's an embodiment of our service culture. We strive to ensure that every element of our business helps guests like you feel welcomed, from the quality of our product and the ambiance of our cafe, to our fast and friendly service. We understand the value of each customer's time, your time, and we are committed to making even the longest wait feel worthwhile. At Kai Coffee Hawaii®, every guest is important and each interaction is crafted with care and sincerity. We thank you for letting us be a part of your morning routine, your community, and your Ohana.

Hear from our awesome clients

There are people who can’t start their day without having a freshly brewed cup of coffee and we understand them.

[Ambiance] Kai Coffee has good vibes all around. They're located in the center of Waikiki and tailor well to tourists. Not sure if there is any parking nearby but that's Waikiki for you. Lots of seating but this cafe is constantly busy! Thankfully, I went at a time that there wasn't anyone else in line. A rare occasion at Kai Coffee for sure. There was a parade on Kalakaua so that could've contributed it. No restroom in the cafe that I'm aware of. WiFi may be available but I'm not certain. [Drinks] My boyfriend and I loved our drinks. I got an iced oatmilk latte. The espresso is nice and smooth, but strong in coffee flavor. Very balanced. I could taste the care and quality in my drink. [Service] The staff is super nice. They embodied the "aloha spirit" and whipped up the drinks quickly. The barista who took my order had a lot of suggestions and was patience in addressing my indecisiveness. Super chill people!

Rachael K., Honolulu, HI

Kai Coffee is for everybody, offering a delicious array of options with coffee, açaí bowls, and breakfast. I ordered the cold brew, açaí bowl, and kai latte. The cold brew is rich and smooth, perfect for those who enjoy a strong yet refreshing cup of coffee. Their açaí bowl is a delightful mix of fresh fruit and crunchy granola, while the kai latte is a perfect blend of espresso and milk. However, the popularity of the cafe means that lines can get long, especially during busy morning hours. Regardless, Kai Coffee's tasty drinks and snacks are worth the wait. If not, just come back later during the day.

Josh B., Vallejo, CA

Found this cute little gem my last day in HI. Have no idea how I missed it because it's one of the main streets of Oahu. It's such a beautiful place and made my heart so happy. They have coffee, açaí and pastries. It overlooks the ocean so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and watch the surfers. If you have a group of people it's a nice area where some can go to the beach and enjoy while other sit at the coffee shop watching the view. A good location for all! Highly recommend this spot if you'd like a good view of the ocean. It's all outdoor seating and it blocks out the sun if you need a break or the rain. (: Also, dairy free options!

Ashley M., Costa Mesa,CA

On our trip to Hawaii, my friends and I were on a coffee spree. We wanted to try all the different types of coffee here, and this place was the best we've had out of our entire trip. It's a tiny store located inside the Hyatt. There is a line and only one person making the drinks, but it's worth the wait. I got their signature Kai Latte, which is a macadamia nut latte. The coffee was strong, but not too overpowering. The slight nutty aftertaste was really good as well. Their coffee was so good that I bought their beans to hopefully recreate this back home!

Pei Ting L.,San Francisco Bay Area,CA

Every trip we are on the hunt for the best Macadamia nut Latte and Kai Coffee was the winner for Waikiki beach!! You could tell they were going to be good when the line was 15-20 people deep 15 mins after opening. With all the standard coffee and espresso offerings they also had plenty of food options to go with the caffeine fix. We stuck strictly to the latte and swapped over to the macadamia nut milk which put the entire cup over the top!! Best part about Kai coffee is the have the macadamia nut syrup for sale so you can mimic at home if you so desire. We didn't do that we can enjoy it that much more on our next visit!

Devin B.,Ventura,CA

This was my go to coffee shop when I visited. Great lattes and açaí was better than some of the other places. I will definitely be going again. They do get a bit busy, but it's worth it! Service was great and they have multiple locations. I like this location the most though.

Sofya P.,Los Angeles,CA