Our story


Kai Coffee Hawaii® is a locally-owned and operated Family Business.

Owners, Sam & Natalie Suiter, have over 25 years of industry experience.

Our Goal is to source, roast, and provide the finest coffee available for you! The metrics that help us get there are a combination of rich volcanic soil, a warm climate year round and abundant rainfall that adds up to an ideal environment. Hawaii has its own unique microclimate where sloping hills meet the Kai--ocean or sea. This is an integral part in the Male'ana or marriage that takes place in creating the perfect amount of rainfall and natural shade for our coffee to grow. Hawaii is the only location in the United States where coffee grows. From there the coffee beans are hand picked, processed and artisan roasted for you, our Ohana–family–to enjoy.

The Café at ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Kai Coffee Hawaii® is the premier flagship café and retail location of Coffee Brew Master, Sam Suiter and his wife, Natalie. Their passion for coffee extends beyond the quality and unique flavor profile of Hawaiian coffee beans. It’s the customer experience and thirst for quality, artisan coffee that inspired him to set a new standard for cafés.

At Kai Coffee Hawaii®, our expert baristas are trained in efficiency, meaning you can expect a perfect cup of coffee brewed with minimum wait–every time. You have the option of many different brew methods such as Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press and a delicious 12-hour Cold Brew Coffee! We offer a traditional yet cutting edge espresso based drink menu, from classics like Machiatto, Cappucino, Latte, to our blended Frappes.

We also specialize in recruiting, hiring, and training Baristas who will pull you the perfect shot of espresso for you. All of our Baristas must pass a three week training course that will ensure your satisfaction.

Have you ever gone into a cafe or restaurant and the people working there look to have no purpose, knowledge or passion for the products they represent?

We call this the Total Café Experience.

This is a common occurrence. It is why the owner of Kai Coffee Hawaii®, Sam Suiter, with his years of experience and passion for the industry, has set out to create a new brand, a new standard for the café experience: Aloha In Every Cup®.

This is the integration of unrivaled coffee experience and excellent speedy service, coupled with expert baristas on hand at all times, to guide our guests as they start or continue their journey of understanding quality coffee!